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"Slack Warm-up"

Tauri Vahesaar


Up to 10-minute slackline morning exercises.

Additionally, if desired, I can talk about my journey, beliefs, and achievements.

Duration up to 60 minutes.

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"Freedom Birds"

Tauri Vahesaar  & 
Merit Raju



Our meeting story, how we found each other, and now enjoy life together while dancing freely in the air.

Up to 10-minute show

Shows include a combination of highline, slackline, hair hanging, fire dancing, and acro yoga.

Additionally, if desired, we can talk about our journey, beliefs, and achievements.

Duration up to 60 minutes.

"Rising Phoenix"

Tauri Vahesaar


A story of my life where creativity freed me from emotional and physical pain. I rose from the ashes and saw life with a new perspective. And now, together with other amazing artists, we create a visual spectacle that will be remembered and inspire the thought that "Anything is possible."

15-minute - 20minutes show

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"Magical Duet"

Kristin & Verner

A romantic and unique acrobatic duet. The show combines beginner acro yoga poses with impressive acrobatic movements into a seamless whole.

Up to 7-minute show

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"Led Show"

Tauri Vahesaar & co



Aerial performance on a LED-lit slackline.

Show duration 7 - 10 minutes. Acrobatics and dance take place on a high line illuminated with LED lights.

10-minute show

Rottermanni Led highline.jpeg

Tauri Vahesaar

"A true example of what a person is capable of. Pushing the boundaries of human abilities, a very impressive and gracefully beautiful aerial dance."

Up to 7-minute show

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"Charlie Chaplin"

Tauri Vahesaar
Kristjan Kullamaa

Tauri Vahesaar & Kristjan Kullamaa iare doing humorous slackline duet inspired by Charlie Chaplin. The show lasts only 7  - 10 minutes but provides plenty of excitement.


Tauri Vahesaar

A highline show performed at dizzying heights. Various themes are available:

  1. Fire bringing;

  2. Spiderman in the heights;

  3. Cornerstone bringing;

10-minute show

"Slack in Fire"

Tauri Vahesaar & co

Slackline fire show, combining acrobatics and fire dancing on a flaming slackline!

"A unique show in the world, as no one else performs acrobatic tricks with fire on a slackline!"

10-minute show

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"Moon & Sun"

Fire artists

Two graceful performers tell you a fairy tale. The performance brings together strength and fearlessness, tenderness and love, towering sculptures, fire choreography, and pyrotechnics.

10-minute show

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"Trickline show"

Tuleteatri artistid

An exciting show where an artist performs acrobatic tricks on a slackline, all synchronized with music.

Up to 7-minute show

ERMi Tuleslackline show - Tauri Vahesaar.JPG

Tauri Vahesaar or Fire artists

Ground-based fire dancing with pyrotechnic effects, both in hand and in the background.


10-minute show

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"Fireshow Baiuca"

Alisa ja Karina

Vibrant and feminine performance. Folk music takes you to a magical world. The show combines strength and fearlessness with tenderness and love. Suitable for all types of events.


10-minute show

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"Elavad skulptuurid"

Tauri Vahesaar & co

"Golden living sculptures are very memorable and the best surprise for guests."

Up to 1 hour + extra hours with extra salary

Kuldsed Skuptuurid #1_huge.jpeg


To successfully organize an event, it is important for all parties to share the same goals. When I was looking for a performer for our summer event and communicated with different people, what stood out immediately with Tauri was that he genuinely cares about what the client wants. The communication was extremely fast, friendly, professional, and the result was even cooler than I initially expected. This was thanks to Tauri visiting the performance location in person, getting familiar with the surroundings, and seeing opportunities to make the show even more impressive.

The fire show over the lake, with amazing music, a fantastic performance, and a masterful artist, was definitely one of the most memorable and mystical moments of the summer event.

Thank you to you and your team for creating memories and giving us the feeling that anything is possible.




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